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If you’ve ever experienced severe tooth pain, you know how thoroughly it can ruin your day. Eating, sleeping, talking, and even smiling can suddenly become difficult and painful.

It’s often hard to know what causes tooth pain, which is why it’s important to see your dentist as soon as the pain becomes severe. Here at Surf City Endodontics, we’ll be able to help you identify and solve the problem.

There are many different causes of tooth pain, but infected tooth pulp is one of the most difficult to live with. Fortunately, a root canal can alleviate that pain almost immediately!

Root canals are a very common procedure, and are nothing worth worrying about. Our team is committed to making sure you have the most comfortable procedure possible with long-lasting results!

If you’re experiencing infected tooth pulp, you need a root canal. Every adult tooth has an inner core with dental pulp inside—that pulp is made up of small nerves and tissues. While tooth pulp is important for developing teeth, an infected pulp can safely be removed causing no harm or negative affect to the tooth.

When a tooth is cracked or otherwise damaged, it’s possible for bacteria to get inside the tooth and infect the dental pulp.

This infection is usually very painful, and unfortunately dental pulp can’t heal itself—anyone with infected tooth pulp will need a root canal to restore their tooth to health and cure their toothache. Removing the infected pulp will also prevent this infection from spreading to your gums and other teeth, protecting the health of your whole mouth.

The only way to know for sure whether or not a root canal is right for you is by speaking with your dentist or endodontist in person.

All of the following are symptoms that might mean you’re dealing with an infected tooth:

  • Discomfort or pain localized around one tooth.
  • Swollen, tender gums, particularly around a specific tooth.
  • A discolored tooth, especially if the tooth has darkened over a short period of time.
  • Extreme tooth sensitivity to touch or temperature.

At Surf City Endodontics, we specialize in the inner workings of your tooth. Call us for all your root canal needs!

Once your tooth pain has been diagnosed and you and your dentist have agreed that a root canal is right for you, the process can begin.

  1. First, the affected area will be treated with a local anesthesia, so you won’t have to worry about feeling any pain during your treatment. If there’s anything we can do for you at any point in your treatment to make the experience better, let us know!
  2. Next, your endodontist will gently remove the infected pulp from the tooth.
  3. Once the infected pulp is gone, your endodontist will thoroughly clean the small empty canal(s) left behind. A filling material, coated in sealer, will then be placed in each canal effectively sealing the space from further infection.
  4. Depending on the situation of your treated tooth, a filling may be placed or you may return to your dentist.

All of these steps are done to protect your tooth from any future infections. If you want to avoid future root canals, it’s also important to stay on top of your dental hygiene. Always make sure to have any cavities, broken teeth, or other dental problems cared for as quickly as possible. Our goal is to make sure your teeth are healthy long into the future!

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If you’re tired of living with severe tooth pain, contact us today! Our root canal services will repair your smile and improve your quality of life.

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