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We emphasize endodontics in our office. Endodontics is a specific branch of dentistry that focuses on the roots of teeth. It combines the Greet root words endo, for “within,” and odont, for “tooth”—meaning that our office focuses on the inner workings of your teeth.

This includes dental pulp, tissues that interact with tooth roots, and more. If you’re visiting the dentist for any issue that involves the interior of your teeth, you’ll be receiving some form of endodontic treatment!

Every dental procedure that involves tooth roots, pulp, or tissues falls under the umbrella of endodontistry. This covers the majority of the services available at our office, including all of the following:

  • Root Canals: a procedure to remove infected pulp from inside a tooth.
  • Apicoectomies: a minor surgery to remove the tip of a tooth’s root.
  • Cracked Tooth Treatments: to protect a cracked tooth’s interior.
  • Dental Trauma Care: because tooth damage can expose tooth roots and pulp to harmful bacteria.

Traditional dentists and endodontists are both trained medical professionals. The primary difference between the two is that endodontists have chosen an area of dental health to specialize in.

In this way, the difference between a dentist and an endodontist is very similar to the difference between a doctor who is a general practitioner and a doctor who is a cardiologist. Both are medical professionals, just with different focus areas.

Becoming a certified endodontist takes additional time and training, even beyond the rigors of dental school. Endodontists receive an additional 2–3 years of training on top of their 4 years of dental school, all in order to better treat tooth roots.

These extra years of study focus heavily on endodontic procedures like root canals and apicoectomies. Because several elements of endodontics involve minor surgeries, endodontists in training also spend a significant amount of time studying methods to reduce pain and increase patient comfort.

Many traditional dentists are capable of performing some endodontic services, but as an endodontic dentist office, we can offer more!

Because we specialize in endodontics, we are capable of treating more complex cases that affect the roots, pulp, and tissues inside your teeth. We can care for teeth that have particularly narrow or complex roots, and we can repair teeth that have experienced a failed root canal in the past.

Your dentist may recommend you visit an endodontist if your root canal or other tooth root procedure looks as though it will be particularly difficult. We also encourage those who are interested to call or visit our office for themselves. Our office has something to offer everyone who cares about their endodontic health!

Your tooth roots are extremely important to your dental health as a whole, as it’s impossible to have healthy, pain-free teeth if there is a problem in the root of the tooth itself. If you’re experiencing tooth pain, visit our office! A visit to the endodontist can be the difference between a healthy smile and losing a tooth.

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